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This is Cephalalgia, the monster of headaches. Poor Cephalalgia has so many heads, that there is always one that hurts.


This is the reason why when people have headaches, they look for him: he is the best one to understand their pain.



What is a headache?

Cephalalgia means “head” in Greek. Doctors use this word to say that someone has a headache.



Lift your hand if you have never had a headache.
Almost everybody has had a headache sometime in their life. When we have a headache we have the feeling that the bones of our head hurt. We can feel the pain in the upper part of our heads, but also around one eye or our nose.

Why do we have headaches?

Very often, a headache is letting us know that we are sick. For example, it may come together with a temperature, or a sore tummy, or flu, or a toothache.
We can have headaches for many reasons. For instance, today Cephalalgia has a headache for four different reasons:


Head One hurts because he is very excited. Tomorrow the Three Wise Men are arriving!
Head Two hurts because he has not had enough sleep. He is very tired.
Head Three hurts because he was crying non-stop for a long time.

Head Four hurts because he has not had an afternoon snack. He is hungry.


There is a kind of headache that is very annoying and hurts a lot. It is called a migraine. It is more usual for old people to have migraines. If you are ever with someone who has a migraine it is better to be quiet and leave that person in peace.


What should we do when we have a headache?

There is nothing that can definitely cure a headache. But, there are medicines that can be very helpful. The chemist will advise you which one is the most suitable.


The Cephalalgia monster has learnt that resting with his eyes closed and his head on a pillow can be very helpful. Sometimes, he even lets someone give him a massage.

When we have a headache, it is advisable to avoid eating cheese, chocolate or salamis.

A headache does not usually bother us if we are sleeping.

Preventing headaches

We cannot avoid ever having a headache, but if we follow this list, it will certainly help us to avoid it sometimes. Cephalalgia monster says it works.


Sleep well.
Eat following the food pyramid.
Do exercise.
Keep your body in the right posture.
Take breaks, especially if you are playing videogames, or if you are in front of the computer, or watching television.
Try not to get excited.
Have your eyesight checked.