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Why do we have headaches?

Very often, a headache is a symptom. It is letting us know that we are sick, or that there is something in our body that is not alright. It may come with: a temperature, a sore tummy, flu or a toothache.

We can have headaches for many reasons. Here are a few examples:




Carlota has a headache because she is excited. Tomorrow she is going on an excursion for a few days. EXCITEMENT



Ahmed has watched such a scary film that his shoulders, neck and jaw are all tense. The tension has given him a headache. TENSION




Nadia has had very little sleep. When she has a rest she will certainly feel better. TIREDNESS




Louis’s budgie has died. The boy has cried for such a long time that now he feels as if something was bouncing around inside his head. SADNESS




Judith has spent the whole afternoon studying. She hasn’t even lifted her eyes from the book to have an afternoon snack. WORKING TOO MUCH




Today Paula has been to school, to a piano class, to buy an outfit for the dance festival with her father, to visit her grandmother and to fetch her brother from a birthday party. And it’s only seven o’clock in the evening! STRESS (TOO MANY WORRIES)




Xavi is such a scatterbrain that he forgot to have his afternoon snack. He hasn’t eaten anything since one o’clock in the middle of the day and now it is nine o’clock in the evening. SKIPPING MEALS




Maria has spent the whole of Sunday afternoon playing videogames non-stop. TENSION/TIRED VISION



There is food that can be related to headaches, like chocolate or cheese.