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What is a louse like?

Apart from being very small, lice are grey in color and sometimes yellow, and when they have sucked our blood they turn red because of the blood they contain.

Although lice are very small, they have all the body parts: head, body and legs.


The head is much smaller than the rest of the body, though it has two eyes and a mouth.

The mouth produces saliva, a sticky substance that allows the lice to stick to the hair. They stick to hair so tightly that not even washing with water and soap can loosen them... That is why WE MUST ALWAYS DO AS TOLD BY OUR TEACHER OR PARENTS TO GET RID OF THEM!

The body (or thorax) has three pairs of legs, which help the lice hook onto hair.

On both sides of the body there are a series of holes for breathing, and the genital apparatus, which allows them to reproduce.

Mònica Carol Torrades. Doctor of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy Pharmacist in Igualada.