Home - 6-8 years - Lice


Have you ever been visited by a louse?

pf3 Lice feel at home in the hair of people, because it is nice and warm there. That is why they go running to find a head to make a comfortable home for themselves.

Children between 6 and 10 years old are the favorite homes of lice, because they usually have fine and clean hair, and mmmm!, that’s the kind of hair they like most.
It is very easy for lice to move from the head of one person to another.

But sometimes we are the ones who without knowing pass lice on to other people.
How? When we share combs or brushes with other boys and girls at school, or when we share caps and hats.

Mònica Carol Torrades. Doctor of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy Pharmacist in Igualada.