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Step by step

Brush your teeth in an orderly fashion, making sure you don't miss a spot.

One: brush your teeth from top to bottom, starting at the gum, and then brushing upwards from the bottom of the tooth and outwards, as if you were using a broom. Brush the outer surface of the teeth as well as the inside, as shown in the diagram.
Two: brush the "tooth saddles" and molars we use to chew food with using a circular movement. The fibres of the toothbrush must penetrate all the tiny spaces between the teeth, to remove traces of food and prevent the bacteria from starting to cause tooth decay.
Three: brush the neck of the tooth without forgetting the spaces between one tooth and the next; to do this, it is sometimes necessary to clean this inter-dental area, where the brush cannot reach. In this case, we must use dental floss and pass it between the teeth or an interproximal brush.
Four: Don't forget to brush your tongue. There are two allies to help you ensure proper dental hygiene: the toothbrush and the toothpaste.

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