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Otitis is an infection that can affect both the inner and the external ear, and that can appear suddenly and be painful for just a few days, or it can start hurting gradually and carry on over a long period of time.ot_otitis

The bacteria responsible for the infection can enter the skin of the auditory canal through a small scratch on the ear caused by your nail, a biro or some other object such as a cotton bud for cleaning the ears, which can cause small lesions that irritate the skin.

Sometimes, as well as pain, otitis can also produce a little fluid.

Otitis is classified in different ways depending on the severity of the infection:

  • Acute otitis externa
  • Acute otitis media
  • Secretory otitis
  • Chronic otitis media

Sometimes otitis externa is called “swimmer’s ear”, because it can be caused by the constant contact of water with the ear.

So, if you often go swimming during the winter – or to the beach in summer -, you’ve possibly had otitis or “swimmer’s ear” more than once.

Your ears, or just one of them, can also hurt if you have a cold.

Otitis must be taken seriously, because it can lead to deafness.

Having otitis often is a nuisance.

Even though we’re talking about the ear, it’s worth knowing that it’s very important to blow your nose properly, and to always keep your nose clean.You must always blow out any phlegm, not sniff it inwards.

According to studies, it has been calculated that over 80% of children will have had secretory otitis before they are six.

M. Pilar Gascón. Pharmacist.