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Minor wounds

What dangers may a wound present?

The danger common to all wounds is  INFECTION!!!!
When the skin is opened up, the micro organisms producing infections can easily penetrate it, and enter our bodies.

It sometimes happens that the object causing the wound is dirty and the germs enter our body.

If the wound is cured properly, there will be no problem, but one must always check to ensure that there is no PUS!!!

Pus is a sign of infection. Like a visiting card. Here I am, ready to infect everything!
The greatest danger in a wound is becoming infected with TETANUS!!!
Tetanus is an infectious illness caused by the bacteria Clostridium tetani. This is its Latin name, and doctors refer to it by this name. People usually refer to it as tetanus.nenferides_tetanos

The best way to avoid becoming infected by this illness is to be vaccinated against it.

If you have been vaccinated based on the vaccination programme, you are protected against it. Remember that to ensure you are protected against it for the rest of your life, you will have to be re-vaccinated every 10 years.

M. Pilar Gascón. Pharmacist.