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What do Pere, Nina and Frederic have in common? The three of them went to see the doctor because they got burnt. But each one of them got burnt in a different way.

cremades68_2 Pere was playing for such a long time on the beach without protecting himself from the sun, that his shoulders and his nose got burnt.
cremades68_4 Nina got burnt because a cup of hot chocolate that had just been made was spilt on her thigh. And as the song says: “the chocolate was so hot, so hot, that my leg got burnt.”
cremades68_3 Frederic touched the iron just when his father had unplugged it. He wanted to find out if it was hot. And yes, it was.

The three of them have learnt that burns are painful, and that the best is to avoid them. The secret is to be careful.


Alba Soldevila. Farmacéutica