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Pruritus or Itching

Oh, How itchy!


It has been many, many years ago, no one knows exactly how many, when the Monster of Itching decided that he wanted to injure people and animals. He tied a piece of cloth on his neck and began to go round and round until he found the best way to make them suffer: causing itching.

Itching is an unpleasant sensation of the skin. To relieve us, we scratch. But be careful not to scratch too much, because we can irritate the skin and even cause injuries that can get infected.

We all scratch sometime in the day. Sometimes the itching will disappear or it can become so strong that it becomes a nuisance.The itching is a reaction that takes our body to something that produces an alteration or allergies such as bites, rubbing a plant or type of fabric. Therefore, the monster of itching always sneaks in the room at night and opens the window to let the insects and the nettles plants, and just where you will fall in the wood. Also he whispers in the aunts’ ears when they are napping that the best gift that they can give us for our birthdays is a wool sweater. Of those which make us itch! ;-(

Although they are different sensations, itching and pain have much in common.    


Strong Itching can also mean Pruritus.