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What is a louse like?

As we have already mentioned, lice are insects, and like many insects, they are small. A louse typically measures between 2 and 4 mm, and although they are small indeed, they are equipped with all they need. The males are smaller than the females.

They are elongated in shape and gray, white or yellow in color. When full of blood, they turn red. As we have already mentioned, lice are hematophage insects, and as such feed only on blood.

Learn about the body of a louse


The head is much smaller than the body, and has eyes, two antennas and a oral apparatus. This oral apparatus is a small bulge located on the anterior part of the head.
The upper lip is a minute trunk-like structure with which the louse secretes saliva and an anticoagulant substance to facilitate the sucking of blood. We could say that lice are like little vampires!!?

The trunk has three pairs of legs that end in a grasping hook for attaching to the hair or clothes. In the females it is "V"-shaped, while in males it is rounded in the form of a "U". When the females have attached to the hair or clothes, they begin to lay eggs (nits).

On the sides of the abdomen lie the respiratory orifices and thegenital apparatus. The females have a pair of gonophores (an apparatus that secretes a cement-like substance) that allow them to affix to hair and clothes and secrete a fluid for fixing the eggs to the hair (generally at the root). This liquid is resistant to both water and soap, which is why it is so difficult to get rid of lice.

I bet this puzzle is easy for you to do!!!

Mònica Carol Torrades