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Have you ever been visited by a louse?

  Let's see what must happen for a louse to reach your scalp. If just one boy or girl in school has lice, the whole school can become affected, if the required actions aren't taken.

Lice infestation is very common in the hair of boys and girls between 6 and 10 years old..

How do lice go from one place (or head) to another? Lice generally move from one person to another by direct contact. This is why measures must be adopted to get rid of lice. In this sense, follow the instructions of your pharmacist, teachers or parents.

How can lice move around in the hair of the children at school? Lice have a very active locomotor apparatus. That is why they can easily move from the head of one child to another.

Other ways by which lice can move from one place to another is in combs and brushes, and/or by sharing hats or caps.

Mònica Carol Torrades