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75% of all children have caries

Dental caries is a multifactor disorder that does not heal spontaneously and causes gradual and irreversible destruction of the tooth.

The intervening factors are the diet, the dental tissues and the presence of microorganisms. Of these factors, diet is the easiest to control, and a fundamental first step for preventing the disease is simply correct tooth brushing. Good oral hygiene and an adequate control of what we eat — especially sugar and soft foods — are effective prevention measures.

In fact, caries are known to have affected humans to a greater or lesser extent since the Neolithic period, though the incidence has greatly increased with industrialization and the introduction of refined sugars.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), combating caries is a priority. Indeed, it is regarded as a "worldwide plague" in view of its widespread incidence and the great number of people affected.

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