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Spots and other symptoms

The seasons preferred by chickenpox are spring and autumn. If you have chickenpox, you may:





Have a temperature (up to 40ºC)


Feel tired

disk Have a dry cough
disk Have small red blotches on your skin


The spots are the main symptom of chickenpox. They come out mostly around the head, the face and the chest, but they can also appear on your arms and legs.
At first, a few red blotches appear on the skin. After a while, more blotches appear and a small bag full of a clear liquid covers them. When those go away, others appear. As days go by, these spots dry up and turn into scabs.

To have chickenpox can be rather tiresome, but if we follow the doctor’s and the parent’s advice, in a few weeks we will be like new again.

Gloria Piera. Pharmacist