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What should the satchel be like?





The satchel has become ‘your best friend’ for going to school.

  In the past, school satchels used to be called school-cases. They were made of a hard material, and had two straps to carry them hanging on the back. They were not as heavily loaded as they are nowadays, because there were not as many books to take to school; there were no calculators, no folders... Nowadays, we have many kinds of satchels to choose from, and deciding which is the best has become difficult.
  In principle, according to studies on the subject, it is recommended that you carry the kind of satchel that hangs on your back. It is important that it has two wide shoulder straps, and another strap, or belt, at your waist, to distribute the weight of the satchel evenly. Also, the frame should be reasonably soft.
You should choose a satchel in keeping with your age – a very big satchel is not the right one for a small child.

If, all things considered, you prefer a satchel with wheels, you should make sure that the height of the handle is adjustable. In this way, you can adjust it to the right height as you grow. Oh! And you should always push it in front of you – never drag it behind you!

Centre de Salut de la Columna Vertebral (CSCV)