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What should the satchel be like?

The satchel has become ‘your best friend’ for going to school.

In the past, school satchels used to be called school-cases. They were made of a hard material, and had two straps to carry them hanging on the back. They were not as heavily loaded as they are nowadays, because there were not as many books to take to school; there were no calculators, no folders… Nowadays, we have many kinds of satchels to choose from, and deciding which is the best has become difficult.

In principle, according to studies on the subject, it is recommended that you carry the kind of satchel that hangs on your back. It is important that it has two wide shoulder straps, and another strap, or belt, at your waist, to distribute the weight of the satchel evenly. Also, the frame should be reasonably soft.
You should choose a satchel in keeping with your age – a very big satchel is not the right one for a small child.

If, all things considered, you prefer a satchel with wheels, you should make sure that the height of the handle is adjustable. In this way, you can adjust it to the right height as you grow. Oh! And you should always push it in front of you – never drag it behind you!

The best way to carry it

Oh dear! Where are you going with such a full school back!

We often load and load a whole lot of things into our satchels. The first thing we have to do is decide what is really necessary, and what we do not need to take to school. The satchel should never weigh more than 10% of the weight of the child.

Once we have ‘cleaned out’ the things which are not really needed at school, it is important that you learn to control the weight by putting each thing in the correct place: the heaviest things should be put at the bottom and leaning against your back, and so on, following this order.

If you have to carry many things, it is preferable to not overload your satchel – rather carry something in your hands.

How to load up your school bag

It is very important that your school bag is held closely against your back.

If your satchel continues to be heavy even after you have taken out all the unnecessary things, it is important that you put it on correctly. This is the first step towards not having so much back-ache. The act of putting your school bag on should always be carried out by first putting it on the table, bending your knees, and taking hold of it with both hands.

Then, you should put both straps on – never only one.

And, even if it may be the fashion, 😉 the school bag should not lean on your buttocks, it should rather be held closely against the top part of your back.



What can we do to ‘look after’ our backs?

The way to prepare your back is by strengthening your muscles.

One of the most worrying consequences of the fact that satchels have become much heavier is the increasing back pain that students suffer.

It is very important that you are conscious of the excessive effort that you subject your back to on a daily basis.

The best way to have your back well prepared for these excesses is by strengthening your muscles. Practicing sport plays an outstanding role as far as this point is concerned.

It is not enough to simple play in the school playground; you need to be in the habit of playing sport. And, above all, never give up playing sports. You need to have strong, resistant, elastic muscles.

Another factor to bear in mind are the rules of good posture.

You spend many hours at school, and unless you sit correctly, you may end up damaging your back.

The correct posture is to always sit as far back as possible on the chair, with your feet on the ground, and with your knees at the same level as, or above the level of, your hips. The back should be kept straight and the arms and elbows should lean on the table.

If you are in front of a computer screen, it should be at a distance of 45 cm from your eyes, and at your level, or slightly below you.



Small child= small satchel

Big child = big satchel

We should ‘clean out’ the things that we do not need to take to school. Your back will thank you for it!!
Your satchel should be held closely against your back, using both straps.
You spend many hours at school; it is important that you sit correctly.
Never stop playing sports!


Author: Centre de Salut de la Columna Vertebral (CSCV)


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