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Sun protection

How can I avoid getting sunburn?

psolar_parasol The best way to avoid sunburn is to sunbathe carefully. You have to realise that if you're on the beach and sitting under an umbrella, the sun's rays bounce back off the sand and reach your skin just the same.
So, the simplest way to protect yourself is to avoid the sun touching your skin directly, even on the rebound. With a hat or cap and proper clothes to cover you, you won't have any problems. Even so, you still have to be wary, because young children's skin is the most delicate when it comes to sunlight.
psolar_cremessol If you know you'll be out in the sun you can use suncreams with a factor higher than 30 and which are water-resistant. Protective creams should be applied 30 minutes before sunbathing and reapplied every 2 or 3 hours.

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