Inici 8-12 years Pruritus or itching

Pruritus or itching

by escoles_admin

Why are Maria, Ricard, Matt and Eduald itchy? What is itching?

If anyone observes Maria, Ricard, Matt and Eduald closely, they may think that they just invented a new dance. It’s called: the itching rock. It begins with scratching the head with the right hand and the foot with the left.

They scratch the ear with the shoulder and the nose with the tongue.

Make the itching disappear or will the eventually triumph in the summer with their dance?  

Oh, How itchy!

We are used to the itching. However, sometimes itching can be as strong or persistent that it becomes a nuisance.

Itching is an unpleasant sensation of the skin.

To relieve ourselves, we scratch. But be careful not to scratch too much, because we can irritate the skin and even cause injuries that can get infected.

Itching is a reaction that takes our body to something that produces an alteration or allergy.

Although they are different sensations, itching and pain have much in common.

Pruritus can also mean Pruritus.

What makes me itch?

There are many things that can cause itching, including the nerves. Other very common causes are:

  • insect bites,
  • sunburn,
  • many skin diseases such as, dandruff or dry skin,
  • some infections such as athlete’s foot.
  • The itching rock group has lice. These animals do know how to make you scratch!

Where does it itch?

We can have itching all over the body or only in one part.

The localized Pruritus is usually caused by:

insect bites,
irritation caused by contact with any detergent or chemical product, plant, as the nettle.

The Pruritus that we notice all over the body is usually caused by:

allergic reactions,
some drugs.

What can we do against the itching?

The first is to be careful when scratching ourselves, because we can cause injuries to ourselves.

When the Pruritus is caused by a mosquito or a bee bite, the contact with a nettle or any items that we know, we have to clean the area to remove the cause of itching. The pharmacist will advise us which medication we can use to relieve the itching.

When you have very annoying itch often, spread throughout the body, and you do not know what the reason is; you must get a medical test to know what the cause is.

Maria, from the itching rock group, has itchy legs also, because she has dry skin. It happens especially in the winter, when it’s cold outside and the heating of the houses reduces the moisture. In these cases, the skin dries out and can get irritated and inflamed. The best thing to do is to drink water and hydrate it. Oatmeal baths also help to soften the skin..

The generalized Pruritus tends to be stronger at night. Do not stay too long in the shower, the water should be warm and you should use a small amount of soap.

It is essential to keep the skin hydrated. The pharmacist will advise you.


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