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Sun protection

Does the sun affect everyone the same?

We don't all have the same skin colour.That's because each of us has a different amount of the substance that gives us our colour (melanin).
Besides giving us our colour, this substance is also responsible for protecting us from the sun's rays. So, people with more melanin will have darker skin and will be more resistant to the sun than those with less melanin who are paler.

And what about you, what type of skin do you have?


Skintype Reaction to sun
Very fair skin, blue eyes, freckles, fair hair Your skin will go very red and start to peel. You won't go brown very easily...
Fair skin, light-coloured eyes, fair or red hair Your skin will go red and peel a bit. You'll go a bit brown.
Pale skin, brown eyes and hair Your skin will go a bit red and might even go quite brown.
Dark skin, dark eyes and hair You'll go brown very quickly and your skin probably won't get irritated.
Black skin The sun will make you even browner.


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