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What should your satchel be like?

Your satchel is your “best friend” for going to school.


In the past, there were no satchels, only school-cases. They served the same purpose, but they were rectangular in shape, made of a much harder material, and had shoulder-straps. However, the children that used them did not have to take as many books as you do, so they didn’t carry as much weight on their backs.


So that your back does not “complain”, it is important that you know that the best satchel for you is one with two wide shoulder-straps and a belt for tying it. It should be made of a nice, soft material, and not be too big for you.


If you prefer a satchel that has wheels, try to make sure that the handle can be adjusted to your own height and, especially! Always push it in front of you; never pull it behind you.


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